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3 Little Known Facts About Selling Diamonds

They say diamonds are forever, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you will want to keep your diamond jewelry for that long. When you have diamond jewelry that no longer strikes your fancy, you do have options beyond putting them away in a box and never looking at them again.

Diamonds and other precious stones are valuable, and hiding them away is a shame. Instead, consider selling diamond jewelry or working with a jeweler to have it fashioned into a custom diamond jewelry piece you love!

Selling Diamond Jewelry

The most crucial element of selling diamond jewelry is ensuring that you are getting the best price. Generally speaking, you can sell loose diamonds, diamond jewelry and designer and estate jewelry. Beware! If you are planning to sell diamond jewelry to a wholesale operation, the amount of the markup they need for a profitable sale when they re-sell your jewels will be reflected in the price you are offered for your jewellery.

Any jeweler buying your diamond jewelry should have no problem with you making some comparisons before making your final decision. If you feel pressured to sell, it may be time to take a break from the process.

Custom Diamond Jewelry

Another alternative for jewelry that you can’t part with, for practical or for sentimental reasons, is to work with a jeweler to have the jewelry fashioned into a custom piece. Have the stone from your grandmother’s too-small engagement ring added to a pendant you love, or the ruby from your father’s class ring added to a charm bracelet. An expert consultation with a highly qualified jeweller will be the first step to breathing new life into your old diamond jewelry.

Choose the Right Jeweler

When choosing a jeweler, ask friends and family for recommendations and read online reviews to discover what past clients have to say about their experience. If you feel uncomfortable about your meeting with a jeweler to design a custom engagement ring or highly personalized piece, keep shopping. Your relationship with your jeweler should be built on mutual trust and respect. And it should be just that – a relationship, not just a transaction.

From our storefront location in Bonnie Doon Shopping Centre in Edmonton, Alberta, we are available to help you make a wise decision about your unwanted diamond jewelry. We have the tools and equipment to craft breathtaking custom pieces of diamond jewelry, and the expert eye to provide an accurate appraisal. Together, we can make sure the decision you make about your diamond jewelry is something you will be happy with – forever.

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